Behind the Eight Ball - Results

If you scored 0 - 30

Generally you cruise through life, yes there is the odd occasion where things stress you out, but more often than not you are cool, calm, collected and in control.

To ensure that you keep in peak performance mode and you are fully equipped to deal with those times of increased stress, check out the top tips below.

If you scored 31 - 60

There’s always so much on your to-do list that you’re frequently experiencing stress and overwhelm and this can be showing up in many areas of both your body and mind including tight shoulders or slumped posture.

The good news is. there are many strategies you can keep in your toolkit to reduce the stress and bring more calmness to your life.

If you scored 61 - 80

You’re so stressed and overwhelmed that you’ve probably forgotten what it feels like to be relaxed. That pain you experience in your body – manifesting itself in areas like your neck and shoulders promoting bad posture and sleep issues is not normal.

Check out the top tips below to start regaining some balance:

Top 5 tips to add into your day to stress less and live more

  • Increase your daily mindfulness/meditation to 20 mins (if that seems crazy because your brain is too busy, start with a couple of minutes)
  • Opening exercises (we’ll email you out a copy of these in the next few days)
  • Add more real food
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff (in our busy lives it’s easy to get caught up on the little things)
  • Get checked. Our spines play a big role in our brain/body connection and our ability to adapt to stress.

Next Step

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